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Support people with disabilities to live as independently as possible with SIL and SDA Services

Independent Living with Support: Our Supported Independent Living Services for NDIS Participants

There are a number of different housing solutions and supports available that help improving lives for those living with disabilities. Supported Independent Living and Specialist Disability Accommodation are two options that are funded by the NDIS. If your NDIS plan includes one or both of these options, it’s important that you have a good understanding of what you can expect from your accommodation support.

Accessible Accommodation for NDIS Participants: Our Specialist Disability Accommodation Services

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) is a service that provides accessible housing for NDIS participants with high-level support needs that cannot live in conventional housing. SDA properties are designed to meet the specific needs of participants with disabilities, with features such as wider hallways, wheelchair-friendly bathrooms, and accessibility ramps.

At MKM Disability & Care, we provide a variety of accessible accommodations from apartments to shared living arrangements, which have been SDA-assessed and SDA-registered. SDA accommodations have accessible features to help residents live more independently and allow supports to be delivered better or more safely. We can help find the appropriate accommodation that can meet the diverse physical and specialised disability support needs of participants. We work closely with participants to develop personalized support plans that include the level and type of support needed to live independently.

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Customized Support Plans for Independent Living: Our Supported Independent Living Services

All NDIS participants may be eligible for SIL funding, whether they rent privately, own their own home, live with others, or live in Specialist Disability Accommodation.
Supported Independent Living (SIL) is a service that provides support and accommodation to NDIS participants who require assistance with daily living activities, such as cooking, cleaning, and personal care. Our SIL services are designed to help participants live as independently as possible, with support from our experienced team of professionals.

SIL services include help with, or supervision of, daily tasks, to help you live as independently as possible while building your skills.
Whether you have lower, standard or complex SIL needs, we can provide a team of friendly, qualified support workers to assist with daily living tasks, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our program is designed to help you acquire, maintain or increase the skills necessary with the goal to build your independence at home and connect you with your local community.

Supporting NDIS Participants to Live Independently: Our Supported Independent Living and Specialist Disability Accommodation Services

Our Supported Independent Living and Specialist Disability Accommodation services are delivered by a team of experienced professionals who are passionate about supporting NDIS participants. Our team includes support workers, nurses, and other professionals who have a wealth of experience in providing care and support to people with disabilities.

We take a person-centered approach to care, working closely with each participant to understand their unique needs and goals. We strive to provide a safe, supportive, and welcoming environment for all participants, with access to a range of services and amenities to help them live independently.

Independent Living with Support: Our Supported Independent Living Services for NDIS Participants

Daily living skills (meal prep, cooking, cleaning)
Transportation services
Social and/or recreational opportunities
Mental health and medication education
Empowerment and advocacy
Educational Opportunities

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