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Community Participation

We’re here to help you connecting with your community.
At MKM Disability and Care, we understand that community, social, and civic activities are important for overall wellbeing. Maintaining social connections is an important part of living a fulfilling life. Our community participation and social activities can help you or your loved one to connect with others and enjoy some fun activities outside the home. It is also essential that each participant decides what activities they want to engage in. This is why we work with you to know your interests and goals to choose the best activities for you.
Some of the many activities participants can take part in include:
Visit parks, beaches and other fun places
Go fishing
Go on day trips
Outings to cafes, movies, museums, etc.
Group activities
Go to the zoo
Outdoor activities and lunches
Activities could include joining a club, trying a new hobby, exploring new places, catching up with friends, learning a new skill or even being a volunteer. Activities can be undertaken either individually or as part of a group and may be provided in a centre or in community settings. It all depends on what a participant’s needs and goals are.

Why choose MKM Disability & Care?

MKM Disability and Care support workers are trained to improve participant’s ability to work independently. This includes empowering them to participate more in the community focus on development of social skills, self-confidence, communication, and independence
Our role is also to provide support to participants during the activities. This includes transport, as well as support while the activity is being undertaken, as well as developing a participant’s ability to partake in these activities.

Ongoing Support

Assisting participants to participate actively in community, social and civic activities.

Skills Development

Improve communication, social interaction and independence.

Tailored Solutions

Participants decide what activities they want to engage in.

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